The best CG-friendly shampoos for all hair types

This list of shampoos will keep your hair healthy and shiny, without the use of ingredients that aren’t doing your hair any good! If you are wondering what CG-friendly products are, let’s quickly go over the CG-method!

The Curly-Girl method or CG-method is a hair care method started by Lorraine Massey. The method is about taking care of your hair the best way, by avoiding certain ingredients that are not healthy for your hair (despite this, many products contain these ingredients). Curly hair is especially sensitive to hair products, so for curly hair this method works wonders. However, even if you do not have curls, this method is beneficial as you will be avoiding ingredients that cause harm to your hair.

So, even if you don’t have curly hair, stick around and find products that will improve the condition of your hair! I personally started the CG-method about half a year ago and I’m so glad I did. My hair has been better than ever and I try my hardest to use only CG-friendly products now.

Moving on to shampoos, many of the shampoos on the market strip your hair of its natural oils and dry out your hair. As a result, your hair might end up dry, brittle and frizzy. To get soft, shiny and healthy hair, finding the right shampoo without unnecessary ingredients is very important. I compiled a list of great CG-friendly shampoos that will help you on your way to beautiful locks.

Kinky-Curly Come Clean Shampoo

The classic of all shampoos, the Come Clean shampoo by Kinky-Curly is suitable for all hair types. It’s a gentle cleanser that will clean your hair without drying it out. This shampoo is great for removing product buildup, without irritating the sensitive scalp area and without stripping your hair from all of its moisture. The smell of this shampoo is also nice and fresh, since it contains orange extract. If you don’t have any specific hair issues, but you just want your locks to be fresh, clean and beautiful without drying out your hair go for this one!


SheaMoisture African black soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo

Do you suffer from dandruff, eczema or psoriasis? Then this deep cleansing shampoo with African Black soap is your best bet. This shampoo is not only CG-friendly, but it was specifically formulated for people who are experiencing a dry, itchy scalp with flakiness. It helps to get rid of the dryness and flakiness, while relieving your irritated scalp in a gentle way.


SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Shampoo

If your hair has become extremely dry and course, the manuka honey and oils in this Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil shampoo will gradually restore the natural balance of your hair and work wonders. This shampoo is more suitable for thick and course hair, so if you have fine hair skip this one and move to the next one on the list!


Giovanni 50:50 Balanced Hydrating-Clarifying Shampoo

If you have finer hair that’s in need of moisture, try the Giovanni 50:50 Shampoo. Personally, I have pretty thick hair, but I still use this shampoo currently. The reason is that as my hair started becoming less dry, I wanted a shampoo that was light, but still hydrating enough to keep dryness away. This shampoo is formulated for normal to dry hair, and it’s light enough to work for fine hair, but hydrating enough to work for thicker hair. It’s my personal favorite affordable shampoo at the moment and it keeps you smelling nice and fresh!
Tip: the matching conditioner also works wonders!


Mongongo & Hemp Seed Oil High Porosity Moisture-Seal Shampoo

If you have hair that tends to be frizzy, dries very quickly and tangles easily, chances are you have high porosity hair, meaning that your hair has a hard time holding onto moisture. In that case this shampoo will be your new best friend. The Mongongo & Hemp Seed Oil High Porosity Moisture-Seal shampoo is specifically formulated for hair with high porosity. Since high porosity hair tends to absorb moisture, but is unable to retain it, this shampoo is formulated so it will seal the much needed moisture into your hair.


Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Shampoo

If your once beautiful tresses are weakened and damaged by all the heat styling and chemical processing, this shampoo with Jamaican black castor oil will be your prince on the white horse. It will help your hair regain strength from all the processing it has been through and top of that, it stimulates hair growth! (and who doesn’t want that, right?!)


SheaMoisture Yucca & Plantain Anti-Breakage Strengthening Shampoo

Are you suffering from hair breakage? If you have brittle hair that just seems to break off when you’re barely even combing through it, give this anti-breakage shampoo with yucca and plantains a go. Plantain, which is added to this shampoo, is not just delicious to eat, but they also have many benefits for your hair. They help with strengthening hair and stimulating hair growth, while restoring the shine in your locks.

Tip: add some plantains to your diet as well, they also help your hair and skin if you eat them 😉


John Masters Organics Spearmint Meadowsweet Scalp Stimulating Shampoo

If you color your hair and want to keep the color last long while getting rid of frizzy, dry hair, then go with this John Masters Shampoo. It’s very suitable for fine and damaged hair and it contains jojoba oil to add moisture and get rid of frizz. It also contains Aloe Vera, which is a great ingredient to add moisture back into your locks.

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